Show Home Services

"We're specialists at helping developers and investors sell their properties quickly while maximising value."

Show House Staging

Emblem Furniture's show home staging and interior design service is focused on maximising your property's saleability, or lettings value, by showing it to its full potential, empowering and exciting prospective buyers. Whether you're a property developer, landlord, interior designer, corporate or private individual, our property styling expertise will optimise your selling value whilst appealing to the right market.

At Emblem Furniture we aim to give your property the Wow factor through a personal and bespoke service that makes your property stand out from the competition. By carefully assessing your property we create exclusive tailor-made designs that reflect the style and design of your real estate. Unlike other companies we provide a custom designed show home service that takes into consideration the best way to present and market your property. Through the use of our home staging furniture rental and show home interior design services our focus is to create a luxury and upmarket environment that transforms your property into some else's dream.

Show House Furniture Rental

Installing a home styling and show home interior design service is proven to not only increase sales revenue whilst reducing the time your property is on the market, but also widens your perspective buyer market. When viewing a property empty rooms can seem bare, uncomfortable and baron; with no sense of perspective and scale, rooms appear smaller and therefore lack in comfort and appeal effecting asking and letting prices. With our show home furniture rental and dressage service we conquer this problem through space optimization, perspective and spatial awareness allowing potential buyers to visualize how they would live and function within a space. Show houses inject the warmth and ambiance that makes a property attractive emphasising positive aspects whilst masking the less desirable to create a chic environment that appeals to the wider market.

Show House Furniture Sales

At Emblem Furniture we immerse ourselves in the fine details of home styling sales and lettings offering a quick, efficient and hassle free service that promotes your properties flexibility and full potential. With a hands on team that deals with everything from show home furniture rental, interior design home staging, and property styling dressage; Emblem will sort out all the fine details from flowers, object d'art, mirrors, and presentation that appeals to the top end of the luxury market presenting your property to an elegant show home standard. All our show houses are fitted and tailor designed appropriately to each different project to make it stand out from the crowd. With Emblem Furniture you won't get any regurgitated or generic show home packages, we understand that each property has different needs and attractions and we therefore approach each with a fresh mind and new ideas. With flexible and competitive rates we offer you value for money at the top level of property sales and marketing creating bespoke designs that reflect your properties style, emphasising positive attributes whilst masking the less desirable.

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